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I’m a functional medicine coach, and my goal is to help you become the happiest and healthiest version of you, and stay that way.

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Ready to feel inspired, empowered and know exactly what your unique body needs? Transform your body, mind, and soul with a highly customized approach. Uncover the real reasons for your health struggles and feel confident in your body, without deprivation. It’s time to get the personalized support and expert guidance you deserve.

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Learn at your own pace, on your own schedule, from anywhere. Frustrated and confused about why your hard work isn’t paying off? Discover the key to losing the weight for good. This groundbreaking, step by step system will show you how to overcome your weight loss struggles and other health challenges, at any age.

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Learn what is stopping you from losing weight, the steps to lose it for good and tackle ANY other health issue you are facing.  Get the tools to get healthy and stay that way!  This group coaching program offers proven strategies that will help you cultivate the confidence, security, and happiness to overcome your health struggles and create the life YOU want.

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See What My Clients are Saying:

I recently completed The CLEAN Program through Integrative Wellness Advisors. This 15-day program to reboot your digestive system and metabolism was my first attempt at a detox. I went in with many reservations and I did not have faith in myself that I could complete it. I am a busy mother of 3 young children, I am not overweight, and I always felt “fine.” I wasn’t quite convinced I needed the cleanse but I embarked on the “journey,” and I am so happy I did!

Just an email, text or phone call away, Kate was readily available to answer any questions during the 15 days and believe me I was certainly in touch with her daily!

For the first time ever, I was learning to listen to my body, fueling it with the right foods it needed and cutting out the things that it didn’t! The results were astonishing. The amount of energy I had was impressive, my skin was glowing, I felt lighter, my thoughts were clearer, I had a very calm, happy two weeks! I took time out of my day to be by myself, to exercise, to sit and think in a quiet room, to just enjoy being with “me.” I learned more about my body in two weeks than I had learned in my entire life; what it requires to function well and what it really craves and hungers for. I’ve made so many small changes in life as a result of the program.  I was thrilled with the results of The CLEAN Program, I’ve decided to do it twice a year! I highly recommend this program for everyone, Your Body Deserves it!!! 

Annie B., Stay at Home Mom of 3 

I had felt so awful for longer than I could remember.  I saw doctor after doctor and all they did was push medication on me… which always seemed to cause more problems.  Thank goodness for Kate… she taught me how to be an advocate for myself, get the necessary testing I needed to dig for the answers to my health struggles.  I never knew how important it was to figure out WHY I was feeling so horrible.  Headaches, sleepless nights, non-existent energy and so many other things were making my days (and nights) unbearable. 


I had no idea that Kate would be able to help me figure out the real reasons for all of these health issues.  What an incredible experience!  I finally figured out that I had nutrient deficiencies and hormone imbalances and they were causing all of my problems.  Kate helped me figure out how to address them in a way that felt right for me and my lifestyle and I can now say that I am feeling really amazing, every single day.  I sleep through the night, I haven’t had a headache in months, my anxiety is non-existent and I lost 10 pounds (even though I wasn’t even really trying to!)  Kate is like no other health professional I have ever worked with.  She can help you figure out the real reason for any health issue (I’m convinced!), she is so calming and an incredible listener. Everyone needs a “Kate” in their life!  

Susan 49, Mom of 2

I had been trying to lose weight for so long and put a stop my horrible migraines.  I was at my wits end and sick of running around to doctor after doctor with no answers.  I thought I needed more medication and to eat even less (that’s what my doctor told me!), but boy was I wrong!

It turns out if you don’t figure out the real causes of your health problems, your health struggles won’t go away. With an incredible skill for asking the right questions, listening and suggesting the right testing, Kate was able to help me finally figure out why I was having headaches, back pain and weight loss struggles. I went from being completely frustrated and overwhelmed, to no more migraines, no more back pain and I’ve lost 30 pounds. Now that I am following a new plan, based on what I KNOW is right for me, I have never felt better! 

Working with Kate is like having your own personal team of health experts, dedicated exclusively to you.  She’s full of out-of-the-box ideas that make a huge difference and her customized approach makes it so much easier to commit to changes.  She genuinely wants you to succeed. She’s my secret weapon – and she’ll be yours too!

Kelly, 47, mother of 2

I thought I needed to take my daughter to yet another specialist for her stomach problems, but then a friend referred me to Kate! It turns out when you are eating foods your body is sensitive to (not allergic to), it can cause major stomach problems (and so many other issues) that won’t show up on regular medical testing.

With an incredible skill for asking the right questions and listening to my daughters story, Kate was able to suggest a simple food sensitivity test that showed that my daughter was sensitive to a few of the foods she was eating on a regular basis (strawberries was one of them!) My 10 year old girl had been to 3 different doctors and even had to go through being put under for an endoscopy that showed NOTHING!

We went from being completely frustrated and overwhelmed, with all of the different doctors we saw with no answers, to finally knowing what foods were causing the issues.  Now that we have removed the foods she was sensitive to, my daughter is free from stomach pain and back to being the happy kid she was!   Kate helped us find replacements for the foods that were causing the havoc and life is back to normal.

Working with Kate has been a life changing experience.  She’s full of out-of-the-box ideas that make a huge difference and her customized approach makes it so much easier to implement and commit to changes.  

Cara, 39, mom of two

When I was first referred to Kate Motz, by my concerned personal trainer, I was in trouble.  I was overweight, yes, but that wasn’t my biggest problem. Worse yet, I was always tired, I was maxing out on migraines, and I had a weird backache that sometimes made me numb on the left side of my body. I was trying to keep up a relatively regular exercise routine and eat well during the week (though the weekends escaped me), but clearly, I had some deeper issues going on. 

To try to improve my situation, I talked to my doctor, but she really didn’t have any solid guidance. As a result, I had taken turns yo-yoing on Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem and Noom. None of them stuck.  Finally, I found Kate and have learned more about taking care of my health in the last 5 months than in my previous 47 years put together. 

I’ve lost nearly 20 pounds and have not felt hungry or deprived. I have come to understand my food sensitivities and hormone challenges, which has helped me get my migraines under control. I’ve introduced vitamins and supplements to get my energy back.

Over the last few months, I’ve tried multiple new approaches to taking care of my health that I never would have figured out, or even dared to try, without Kate’s educational and supportive help. I’ve tried different detoxes, I’ve incorporated many organic products into my lifestyle, and started cooking and eating with purpose. 

I can’t express how grateful I am to Kate for all that she’s helped me do so far, and for all that’s to come

–Stephanie S.

Before working with Kate I struggled with weight loss, a lack of energy & inflammation. Trying to get results on my own left me frustrated & overwhelmed while working with Kate gave me accountability & a different approach to a new lifestyle. Getting to the root of what was keeping my body inflamed & unable to lose weight was critical in my journey.

I am now down 11 pounds, enjoy cooking plus have a lot more energy! Instead of frustration, I now feel focused, prepared & FANTASTIC.

Working with Kate will help you SO MUCH. She pushed me when needed & cheered me on till I felt confident in myself. Having someone on your team is so important to succeeding in your goals! If you’ve tried everything else, this will be the last thing you need to try. You will learn so much about your body & what it needs to be healthy.

–Kristy Callari

Before working with Kate I had been dealing with very bad stomach discomfort and diarrhea. I spent five years going to numerous doctors, trying different medications, and even changing my diet but nothing helped! Then I was fortunate enough to meet Kate and she changed my life.

She ran a food sensitivity test and discovered foods that were causing my problems. With her knowledge and expertise, Kate recommended a program to help me and within a month I was feeling so much better! Due to her out-of-the-box thinking and really putting in the time to help me, I have my life back again and feel nearly 100% better.

So if you’re thinking of working with Kate, don’t hesitate. She is so helpful and absolutely will find a solution for you. Thank you, Kate!

–Joanne Hill

Kate is such a gift. For seven months, I lived with persistent and debilitating migraines. It weighed on my psyche. I sought help from a number of traditional medical professionals and an acupuncturist, but the medications and procedures resulted in minimal to no relief.

A friend suggested I contact Kate to talk with her about my migraines. Kate’s program had revealed her food sensitivities and she was confident in Kate’s abilities. I owe her a debt of gratitude for the referral.  

From the initial distraught call for help to today’s check-ins, Kate is always patient and kind. Her confidence in locating the root cause to your health challenges puts you at ease. Her years of experience and depth of knowledge are exceptional. 

Today, I work and play with little fear of a migraine returning. I no longer carry around the “in case of emergency” bag of migraine medications. Maintaining my health is a priority now and I thank Kate for the tools she gave me to stay pain-free. 

~Jenn Nix

I suffered for years from bloating, fatigue, and an inability to keep weight off before working with Kate. I went up and down with my weight, never felt energetic, and always felt bloated. I had numerous testing done with my doctors, only to hear that nothing was wrong.

It wasn’t until I started working with Kate that my issues were found. Finally, after all these years of trying to fix my issues, I have more energy, zero bloat, and my skin looks great!

I am so thankful for Kate; she is amazing and has been an absolute blessing in my life. If you’re struggling with health issues, I highly recommend you take a chance on Kate – you will not regret it!

~Dayna de Peralta

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