The Wellness Plan

nutrition-and-lifestyleThe Wellness Plan is a step by step plan to a sustainable lifestyle that will provide you with your version for optimal wellness.

The Wellness Plan includes a 50-minute strategy session where we get to the root cause of why you might not have the level of health you desire and what’s preventing you from reaching your goals. We look at your health history, deficiencies, allergies, digestive challenges, toxicity, potential hormonal imbalances, and lifestyle misalignment.

Based on what we uncover during the strategy session, you will receive a customized holistic wellness plan,

because one size does NOT fit all.

 Wellness Protocol

This is a concise, holistic protocol for those addressing the root cause of a particular health challenge.


Wellness Plan

This is a custom wellness plan that will be your play book for sustainable change in your health and life.


Follow-up Sessions

For those looking for further accountability and support in executing their wellness plan, we provide 30 minute follow-up sessions.