It has been a great experience working with Kate. Her holistic approach to health and wellness helped me pinpoint adjustments I needed to make to my diet, supplement intake, and even my approach to exercise. She identified my sensitivity to wheat gluten and added both a B-Complex and Antioxidant supplement to my regime. As a result, I was able to shed excess weight that I have struggled to take off for a long time and I have experienced a significant increase in energy. I will continue to look to Kate for advise and recommendations in the future. She has a keen way of looking at the big picture and identifying things I wasn’t able to recognize myself.

Vicki K. – Business Owner, Mother of 2

Kate has really helped me to understand what my body needs as I get older. She guided me through a 7-day cleanse which was a great experience. I even stopped drinking diet soda, which is a BIG deal for me! She’s also provided a way for me to take vitamins in a way that is sustainable for my lifestyle. Her approach is holistic – she coaches me both physically and emotionally. She is a wonderful advisor and I highly recommend her for anyone looking to be healthier!

Janice K. – Marketing Exec., Mother of 2

I recently completed The CLEAN Program through Integrative Wellness Advisors. This 15-day program to reboot your digestive system and metabolism was my first attempt at a detox. I went in with many reservations and I did not have faith in myself that I could complete it. I am a busy mother of 3 young children, I am not overweight, and I always felt “fine.” I wasn’t quite convinced I needed the cleanse but I embarked on the “journey,” and I am so happy I did! MORE>>

Annie B. – Stay at Home Mom of 3

I actually feel much better, less stressed for sure. I feel like I am getting enough me time to where I can appreciate my daughter much more after I get home from work. I do feel like I can handle daily situations without feeling overwhelmed. Calmer, for sure. It’s very cool. I have barely added in wheat products and dairy. I’m good without it. I did feel better following a vegetarian diet, so that makes me happy, although I do have some animal protein a few days a week. Want to make sure my iron is up. Today when I went for my run I just found myself running a bit farther and a bit farther. As I was running towards the house I saw some lawn trimmings in a pile on the side of the street so I just decided to hurdle over them. I did that twice! Like a kid!! I flew like a gazelle!! (I would have loved to hear what I really looked like). It a new found energy and zone. It’s super cool. I hope I don’t lose it.

Danica – San Jose, CA

Ok…I was the last person I ever expected to “feel” anything as a result of this detox… I always considered my body to be ..pretty well enabled to handle any type of food.. and in recent years I have fueled it relatively cleanly?? this seems weird even as I think it..let alone write it… first of all I Feel great.. really clear of mind…which i have not as of late… but here is the really weird part….I have had this mid morning lower back pain…that was …relatively severe…I have had lots of pains in my life and I would rate this pains discomfort at about 6 or 7 on a 1 to 10….it could begin any time after work started and was generally gone by lunch…as I work today… I can not even imagine that pain…because it is gone…. is this even possible???

Ken – Kenilworth, NJ

Kate is amazing. Not only is she brilliant, caring, extremely knowledgeable (about pretty much anything) but she is incredibly passionate about what she does. She has a way to make you feel at ease instantly. When I went to her I was leery about making any changes to my diet and am not big on exercise but I did want changes to my body and my mind. Kate wanted to help me and she wanted to do it in a way that I was really comfortable with and in a way that I actually enjoyed. This woman is the real deal and I’m proud to call her my coach and friend.

Amy, P. – Mother of 2