Nutrition & Lifestyle Programs

We want you to feel comfortable before embarking on your wellness journey with us. We want you to understand how the service we provide is different. We will help you overcome health concerns by addressing the root causes, rather than just the symptoms. We will help you set realistic and attainable goals by taking a holistic approach to sustainable wellness. We will work collaboratively as a team to help you achieve your goals.


15-20 min consultation to understand your major health concerns and discuss how holistic health coaching can help.

Wellness Planning

Integrative Wellness Planning: This is when we will conduct a thorough health history and uncover your health challenges, discover your overall vision for wellness and discuss what might be preventing you from reaching your goals. Nutritional therapy and laboratory/diagnostic testing may be recommended as part of the wellness plan. Test results are used to design your customized Integrative Wellness Plan as well as uncover the root causes of your health challenges. Nutritional supplements are often recommended and we will help you select the highest quality products. You will receive a personalized Integrative Wellness Plan with step by step protocols to put you on the right track to overcome challenges and to reach your goals.

Integrative Wellness Coaching Programs

On-going, one-on-one coaching sessions are offered for those individuals who have an Integrative Wellness Plan and would like additional guidance, accountability and support to execute each piece of their plan. Wellness protocols are best carried out one step at a time. Sustainable lifestyle modifications are made over time.

People hire a health coach because they want positive results in their lives, fast. We all desire certain things out of life and it is not always easy to accomplish these goals on our own. Sometimes it is just downright impossible! Having a health coach who is trained to uncover your stumbling blocks, as well as encourage and guide the best within you, is a powerful resource. Your health coach will provide guidance while you set goals for a sustainable, healthy life-style and hold you accountable for accomplishing what YOU say you want. Let us give you that positive kick in the butt that you have been waiting for!