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“In these ever-changing times, it is more important than ever to have teachers/guides/coaches that are authentic, honest, and informative.  Two-thirds of our nation is overweight and struggling with obesity, but it goes even deeper than that, they are struggling to find balance in their health.  We are quick to find band-aids but slow to find real solutions.  Kate is everything we need in a coach for all the reasons above and the fact that her passion comes through in her research and years spent getting to the root cause and helping so many find better health, including me!  This book of easy, practical advice is a must-read!”


-Kathi Sottosanti, enlightenment coach

“In this brilliant and easy-to-follow guide, Kate delivers a customized plan to lose extra weight for good and reclaim your overall health.  In her cutting-edge approach, she merges the best of both holistic and scientific strategies to give you a well-rounded route to success.  Her kind, wise, and lighthearted/playful personality shines through and will make you feel like you have a friend and health coach walking you through your journey to greater joy and confidence.  This book is a gem and is so needed in the world.”

~Alex Anzalone, wellness expert and author

“Revolutionary weight loss is the definitive guide in determining the actual root causes of why you may be struggling with weight loss.  Kate’s experience, research, and expertise provides the reader with the knowledge and tools to get real results!  With the information provided about supplements, testing, and exercise, there’s something for everyone to learn in this useful and practical book.  If you want to make a significant change for yourself, this book is indispensible!”  

~Lisa Falvo, wellness entrepreneur

Kate Motz is a National Board-certified functional medicine coach and the founder of Integrative Wellness Advisors, where she has helped people get healthy and stay that way since 1995. 
After obtaining her MBA, Kate acquired her certification as an integrative nutrition and functional medicine coach. Her mission is to help individuals discover the root causes of health problems because she knows – and evidence shows – that the greatest health transformations are created and sustained when you address the root cause.
Raised as the daughter of a chiropractor, Kate has lived her entire life with beliefs that a holistic approach must be applied when addressing health issues and that chronic health problems can be fixed at any age.
Kate’s goal is to provide her clients with guidance as they create their ideal path to wellness, and to provide accountability to ensure they meet each of their health goals so they can stay healthy.

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